So You Think You can Research?

The JCU Division of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in conjunction with The North Queensland Festival of Life Sciences held a competition for higher degree students at The Townsville Hospital recently.

Our MC for the event was Associate Professor Andreas Lopata who ably kept things moving on time. The judges were

  • Professor Damon Eisen Director of Clinical Research the Townsville Hospital
  • Dr Melissa Crowe Director, Cohort Doctoral Studies Program
  • Dr Margaret Jordan Senior Research Fellow Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Associate Professor Bill Warren Molecular and Cell Biology

I got some great informal feedback from a couple of the judges about my presentation which was really valuable.

Four prizes of travel awards were offered and I won one!!


I’ll be using the prize money to travel to Myanmar in January to present the results of the study at the 44th Annual Myanmar Heath Research Conference.

Here is the full presentation with a script – although once I got going I didn’t follow the script exactly…


Big thank you to DPHTM and NQFLS for their support of HDR students, it’s really important that we have these opportunities to refine our presentation skills – and the assistance to travel to conferences doesn’t go astray either!!