DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis

A new client last week presented with this painful condition which is notoriously hard to treat. Onset was just after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy about three months ago. Successful recovery usually depends on completely resting the thumb – no lateral flexion, but imagine picking up a baby without using your thumb!

De Quervains 1
Images from Wesley Hand Centre

The Mayo Clinic describes DeQuervain’s as a painful condition affecting the tendons of the thumb side of the wrist. If you have it, it will probably hurt every time you turn your wrist, grasp anything or make a fist. It can be caused by any activity that relies on repetitive hand or wrist movement such as working in the garden, playing golf or racquet sports or lifting your baby…

Image from Wesley hand Centre
Image from Wesley hand Centre

My client has been going to a hand clinic for a few weeks and they fitted a thumb splint for her right hand (I’ve seen a few of these cases that have been fitted with a wrist splint which is useless!) but this meant using the left thumb more and eventually she was fitted with a splint for that hand as well. The standard medical treatment involves using the splint for 4 weeks with complete immobilisation and if that is unsuccessful surgery will often be performed.

She was getting pretty desperate and then she noticed that Lighten Up Wellness Hub were offering Lymphatic Drainage and thought it might help. A friend told her she couldn’t have MLD because she is still breast feeding and the toxins would go into the breast milk – the misinformation out there about MLD never ceases to amaze me!

Luckily she persisted and rang me to find out if it was OK and we had our first appointment last week, agreeing to have 3 weekly treatments and then assess if she feels it is helping. The first treatment I did very general drainage for the arms and shoulders and addressed shoulder tension with Shoulder Specials (Therapy 1 class). I barely did any work on her wrists as an MLD treatment plan is always to address proximal issues first.

She came back this week for her second session and reported that she had reduced pain and a lot more flexibility after the first treatment – the first relief she had felt in weeks. Unfortunately that morning she had banged her wrist on the door frame with excruciating results. Fortunately by the end of the treatment that extra pain had subsided. This second treatment I managed to do a lot of Elbow Specials and Wrist Specials on the right side.

I am confident that with a course of MLD we will be able to relieve the inflammation, allowing her enjoy handling her baby and more importantly avoid surgery.

I’ll report back after we have completed the course of treatment.